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Your Commuting Service Platform

Sustainable and Healthy

Elevate your Commutes

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What is Commutrics?

Commutrics is an innovative commuting service platform developed by entrepreneurs and researchers. It allows employers, universities, and transportation management associations to seamlessly design and implement effective and multi-modal transportation demand management programs that achieve community and commuter goals. It supports a wide range of commuting modes, including drive, carpool, transit, bike, walk, micro-mobility, and mixed modes.

Commutrics is a data-driven platform that measures and tracks progress on community goals, including parking demand, single occupant vehicle trips, carbon emission, air pollution, commute behavior, health benefits, and commute savings. 

Effective Transportation Programs
Engage, Simplify, Green!

Manage your employees' commutes through a competitive, data-driven, and sustainable transportation program 


Reduce administrative burden of your transportation programs

We will do the work for you, Commutrics seamlessly integrates with your existing programs and streamlines administrative tasks through automated workflows, ensuring a user-friendly experience and increased efficiency.


Boost employee morale
and productivity

Elevate employee morale and productivity by implementing a rewards and prizes program, fostering motivation and engagement in the workplace.

Companies that partnered with Commutrics experienced up to 15% reduction in Telecommuting.


Cutting-Edge commute platform


Improve employee happiness and health

Implementing efficient transportation programs to tackle commute challenges results in decrease in:

- Lengthy commutes

- Stress levels

- Commute cost

- Parking expenses.

Employees’ that used Commutrics save an avg. of 20% per month on transportation 

Commutrics provides comprehensive transportation solutions, allowing you to measure savings for your organization and employees, reduce parking demand and emissions, track your commute goals, and monitor your carbon footprint. Our data-driven platform helps you make informed decisions and optimize transportation strategies efficiently.

Designed for


Business Districts



Building Smart and Connected Communities

No matter the size of your business, Commutrics is dedicated to collaborate with you in crafting customized commuting solutions designed to cater to your business's unique needs and your employees' preferences.

Our bespoke solutions support community well-being, convenience, and healthier lifestyles, while focusing on reducing environmental impacts to achieve organizational and community transportation goals.


Effective Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Programs

Recommended for Employers, Universities, TMAs, and Cities

Commute Assessment 

 Recommended for Employers

Data Mining of your community's commutes

Recommended for TMAs and Municipalities

Commuter Survey

Recommended for Employers, TMAs, and Municipalities

Download Commutrics App

Empower Your Team

Let your employees discover all benefits with Commutrics App

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Investing as little as a daily cup of coffee per employee, you can:

  1. Minimize the admin work of managing your transportation programs

  2. Reduce remote work dependency.

  3. Enhance employee well-being and satisfaction.

  4. Qualify for a tax deduction on eligible expenses, with savings of up to $125,000 in Colorado

No contract, no commitment!

Innovative Solutions by Researchers and Entrepreneurs  

Platform development supported by grants from Departments of Transportation (DOTs), University Transportation Center, University of Colorado, and Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT)

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