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Your Commuting Service Platform

Empowering Sustainable and Healthy Commutes 

Commutrics uses gamification, optimization and machine learning algorithms to measure, influence, and track progress of your community's commutes.

Designed for


Business Districts



Forming Smart and Connected Communities

Commutrics is designed to generate WIN-WIN commuting solutions that benefit employers and employees. Solutions promote community, convenience, and healthier lifestyle while reducing environmental impacts to meet organizational and community transportation goals.

Solve your employees’ commuting
challenges with Commutrics

Leverage Tax Incentive
in Colorado

Imagine giving raises to your employees, but you only have to pay 50% of them!
Benefit from the recent Colorado State Legislature for up to  $125,000 per year Tax Credit from expenditures on alternative transportation options 2023 & 2024.

Data-Driven commuting platform

With an easy-to-use platform, you can understand and analyze your employees' behaviors, Commutrics data-driven platform helps organizations manage their staff's daily commutes easily. Forget about reporting hassles, and wasted time.

Empower employees’ productivity with our rewards program

Help your employees make their commute easier with benefits and see the impact on productivity, Encourage them to get back and reach work easier by boosting their well-being.

Cutting-edge commute solutions with lowest prices

With Commutrics competitive prices, you can enjoy a smooth experience driven by AI and machine learning to influence your commuters' behaviors. Save 71% on our annual subscription cost with the Colorado Tax Incentive. Other states can save 42% on our annual subscription cost.

Enjoy employees back to work with our rewards programs

Influence your employees' commutes and encourage them to use the Commutrics App. Save time, money and empower their well-being by retaining their journeys. Encourage your employees.

Identify transportation programs & benefits that work best for your employees

Reduce cars demand and incentivize carpooling and other commutes besides single occupancy vehicles to manage your organization’s parking demand.

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Cutting-edge Commute Solutions

Innovative optimization algorithms developed by CU Denver professors. The platform offers comprehensive solutions by analyzing a wide range of commuting options and offering customized commute plans. It enables collaboration across neighboring businesses to generate custom solutions that promote social and healthier commutes, cost savings, and reduction in carbon footprint . 

Cutting-edge solution
University of Colorado, Denver

Tax Incentives

Benefit from the recent Colorado State Legislature for up to $125,000/year Tax Credit from expenditures on alternative transportation options for 2023 and 2024. 


Award Winner and Funded Platform by DOTs and OEDIT

Platform development supported by grants from Departments of Transportation (DOTs), University of Colorado Denver, University of Colorado Boulder, and Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT)

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