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About Us

At Commutrics, we are a team of passionate individuals who believe that transportation should be a shared experience that benefits both individuals and the community as a whole. We believe that by connecting commuters and decision makers in one platform, we can create a more sustainable, healthy, and productive community.


As a team, we understand the importance of making sustainable transportation choices. We also recognize that these choices can be difficult to make without the right information and tools. That's why we created Commutrics - a transportation platform that empowers commuters with the knowledge and options they need to make better choices for themselves and the community.

Our platform is designed to connect commuters with different transportation options and to provide them with real-time data and personalized incentives to encourage them to make sustainable choices. With Commutrics, commuters can save money on their commutes, reduce their carbon footprint, and improve their overall health and well-being.

At the same time, Commutrics also allows community leaders and employers to measure their commute footprint and design transportation programs and policies that can manage their commutes effectively to achieve transportation goals. By working together with decision makers, we can create a more sustainable and efficient transportation system that benefits everyone.

Overall, we believe that Commutrics is more than just a transportation platform - it's a way to promote sustainability, health, productivity, and social connections among commuters. As a team, we are committed to creating a better future for our community by making transportation more accessible, sustainable, and enjoyable.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Meet Our Team

Moatassem AbdAllah

Moatassem Abdallah, PhD

CEO and Co-founder

Caroline Clevenger

Caroline Clevenger, PhD

Strategy, Partnership, and co-founder

Shahryar Monghasemi

Shahryar Monghasemi

Engineering, Development, and Co-founder

Wes Marshall

Wes Marshall, PhD

Chief Innovation Officer, Urban Transportation Expert

Rana Al Louz

Rana Al Louz

Project Manager and Sales Rep. 


Ahmed Osama

Frontend Developer

Mahmoud Magdy

Mahmoud Magdy

Backend Developer

Ayah Osama

Ayah Osama

Marketing Director

Hector Rodriguez

Hector Rodriguez  

John Tolva

John Tolva


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