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Sustainable Enviroment Commutrics

Our Services

Commutrics is designed for employers and municipalities, including Transportation Management Agencies (TMAs). Commutrics can help neighboring businesses collaborate to create sustainable and connected regions.

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Programs

TDM Programs Commutrics

- Identify the best TDM program for your employees.

- Manage and analyze your employee commutes.

- User-friendly website and Mobile apps for program implementation.  

- Benefit from tax credit or comply with commute policies in your area.


Recommended for Employers

Data mining of your community's commutes 

Data Mining Commutrics

- Analyze commute needs at your community.

- Identify trends in your community's commutes.  

- Measure success of transportation programs at your region over time. 

- Leverage knowledge and skills of our experts and researchers in the team.


Recommended for TMAs and Municipalities

Commute Assessment Commutrics

Commute Assessment

- Analyze where your employees live and their possible commutes.

- Identify win-win transportation programs for employer and employees. 


Recommended for Employers

Behaviour Change Commutrics

Behavior Change

- Incentivize win-win commute behavior change.

- Help your employees connect to new carpools or new trip types.


Recommended for Employers, Municipalities, and TMAs

Commuter Survey

Commuter Survey Commutrics

- Understand existing commuting behavior

- Understand employee commute  needs and challenges.

- Identify opportunities for commute behavior change.


Recommended for Employers and Municipalities

The Science Behind Commutrics

Developing Commute Optimization System


Minimizing Upgrade Cost to Achieve LEED Certification for Existing Buildings

Multiobjective Optimization Model for Maximizing Sustainability of Existing Buildings

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