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Empower commute choices that promote convenience, sustainability and healthy lifestyle at your organization

Our Services

Commutrics is designed for employers and municipalities, including Transportation Management Agencies (TMAs). Commutrics can help neighboring businesses collaborate to create sustainable and connected regions.

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Commute Assessment

Analyze where your employees live and their possible commutes, and identify transportation programs with most potential.

Recommended for Employers

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Behavior Change

Incentivize win-win commuting behavior change, and help your employees connect to new carpools or new trip types.

Recommended for employers, municipalities, and TMAs.

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Commute Survey

Understanding existing commuting behavior and employees commuting needs and challenges.

Recommended for employers and municipalities.


Analysis and LEED Scoring

Understand the carbon footprint of your employees commutes, track changes, and determine LEED Transportation Performance score. 

The Science Behind Commutrics

Developing Commute Optimization System

Minimizing Upgrade Cost to Achieve LEED Certification for Existing Buildings

Abdallah, El-Rayes, and Liu


Multiobjective Optimization Model for Maximizing Sustainability of Existing Buildings

Abdallah, El-Rayes, and Liu

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