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Join the Commute Program at 
the City of Westminster

Share how you get to work and win money until Nov. 21st

Earn up to $80 in rewards and prizes for your commutes!

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Open to City employees (up to 100 employees)

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How it works

Report your commute needs and preferences

Explore your commute options and receive commute recommendations 

Record and measure your commute impacts

Receive incentives based on your commute


  • $5 for singing up 

  • Weekly $25 drawing

    • One entry per walk, bike, carpool, or transit trip​
  • Win points for recording your commuting to work using the platform, see chart:

    • 200 points = $1 

    • Max $20 for earned points 

  • $5 at the end of the program for filling a closeout survey

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 - Prizes have monetary value and should be reported as income. 
- Earning prizes is optional and you can opt out of any prize.

Recognition Awards at End of Challenge


Questions or Concerns?

Program Representatives 

Bridger Tomlin.png

Bridger Tomlin

Sustainability Associate @ 

City of Westminster


Brandon Gilchrist

Project Manager @ Commutrics


Shahryar Monghasemi

Engineering & Development @ Commutrics

The City of Westminster is working with Commutrics to pilot their new platform, developed by CU Denver professors, to generate personalized carpooling suggestions and other green commute recommendations for city employees. You can help the city meet its climate goals and save on your transportation costs at the same time.

Note: Data collected in the pilot will be private, and only anonymized (no personal identifier) data will be used in generating emission reports to the city.

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